Wildcard connects to fans of culture and sport through powerful creative strategy, compelling content, and quality design.

We use your rights differently to maximise the power they hold. It’s rights management that isn’t just served, but served with purpose and a deep understanding of the fan.


We connect brands and fans by challenging convention.

Wildcard looks for the unconventional route to sport and culture fans and are brave enough to use your rights differently than anyone else.

The fan is at the heart of what we do. They aren’t customers, they’re fans, and we tap into their head, heart and senses through our work.


We challenge convention.

Because we believe fans and brands are seeing too much of the same thing. The same activities in the same locations, the same clichés in interviews, the same stories being told. Shorter attention spans and more clutter in the market means challenging convention is the only way to truly turn heads.

Our Services

We have ideas. Big or small, Wildcard will find that killer idea to connect with your audience when you need it most.
Wildcard can develop powerful creative strategy based on real insights that find an interesting way to connect with the people you want to talk to.
We design killer visuals and brands that will make your campaign or business stand out from the rest.
We build brands that stand out. Wildcard can build the strategic and visual foundation of your brand to set you up for success.
We build aesthetics with purpose. Our guys drive projects visually and creatively guide projects with artistic flair.
We bring things to life through illustration. Wildcard’s illustrators use artistic flair to create powerful graphics, logos, artwork and storyboards that inspire.
From start to finish, Wildcard can help you bring an idea to life and turn it into engaging, memorable content.
We know that visualising the final product before getting to the whole ‘making it thing’ is important. Wildcard can do that for you, easy.
From social, long-form content to TVC’s – we can manage any size production, to any budget. Wildcard has amazing in-house resources, and a network to rival any across the country.
Flexible, experienced, dependable and creative. Wildcard can bring any piece of content into reality with the click of a (couple of) button(s) and some creative energy.
Great shots of the right people or the right moment, every time. Commercial, run-and-gun, you name it – Wildcard can do it.
Audio is a powerful medium, one Wildcard can help you leverage, with in-house recording and audio-mixing capabilities – and gee will it sound good.



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