Puma – The Coin Flipper

Wildcard identified a boring, undervalued asset, and flipped it on it’s head.

The pre-game coin toss is a staple for many sporting events, and often it can be pretty run of the mill. Wildcard, along with PUMA, wanted to challenge the conventional approach to the pre-game coin toss, and so on the big stage – Richmond vs. Carlton at the MCG in the opening round of the 2022 AFL season – we introduced the Coin Flipper.

The Coin Flipper, named Mark Penny (get it?) was PUMA’s first sponsored athlete that excelled in the sport of coin flipping. Knowing all eyes are usually on the pre-game coin toss, we let Mark exaggerate his moment in the sun and let the conversation start rolling.

From there, coverage and conversation snowballed throughout social about the mysterious coin flipper. It sparked interest that had PUMA front and centre the following day when our story with Mark went live. Who said the coin toss was conventional?!